Danna Staaf

Danna Staaf is a marine biologist, science writer, novelist, artist, and educator. She holds a PhD in Squid Babies from Stanford and a BA in Biology from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She helped found the outreach program Squids4Kids, illustrated The Game of Science, and blogs at Science 2.0. She lives in San Jose with her husband, daughter, and cats.
The larger Pacific striped octopus is the first known to mate in this vulnerable beak-to-beak position.

Harlequin Octopus Makes Scientists Question ‘Anti-Social’ Stereotypes

Octopuses are notoriously anti-social—if you put more than one in a tank, they’ll attack each other. And they certainly don’t form family ties—females are prone to eating males after mating, and they usually die when their eggs hatch. However, in a recent study from UC Berkeley and the California Academy of Sciences, a mud-dwelling “harlequin octopus” … Continue reading Harlequin Octopus Makes Scientists Question ‘Anti-Social’ Stereotypes →