Project Guidelines and Ideas

During the Institute, you will develop and implement a multimedia project, either separately or as a team.  Project implementation will take place during the spring or summer.


  • Each person on a team must be involved in project implementation.
  • Projects should be about science. 🙂
  • Projects should be student/youth-created.
  • Read some tips on Scaffolding for Success.
  • Don’t forget to have your students fill out release forms.
  • Questions?  Ask Andrea.


Project Implementation Plan Worksheet

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Go to this link for the Project Implementation Plan Worksheet
  • In the Google Docs toolbar, go to “File” –> “Save a Copy”
  • It will ask you if you want to create a copy of the document. Say OK.
  • The document now lives in the Google Docs section of the Google account that you signed in with
  • In the Google Docs toolbar, go to “File” –> “Rename”
  • Rename the document as YourTeamName_Project Plan
  • In the top right hand corner, go to the “Share” drop down menu
  • Choose “Sharing settings”
  • In the window that opens, at the bottom under “Add people” fill in your team members’ email addresses, AND


Multimedia Projects from Past Institutes

Find teacher-created resources for many of these projects below.

  • An online map of an ecology trail in the Presidio
  • An online map demonstrating physics concepts in action in your neighborhood
  • An online map showing the diversity of plants in a nearby creek
  • A narrated slideshow explaining a historical earthquake
  • A planetary travel “promotional” video
  • A video about the properties of an element
  • A video about a “newly discovered virus” and its effects on the human body
  • A video on a science career
  • A video about designing an experiment and the scientific method
  • A “how to” video: DNA Extraction from Peas
  • A stop motion animation video on animal phyla: Echinoderms (made using iStopMotion and iMovie)


Resources from Past Institute Participants

Check out these projects and resources from the 2010-2011 Institute!

Grade 6: Earth Science

Grade 7: Life Science

Grade 8: Physical Science

Grades 9-12: Physics/Chemistry

Grades 9-12: Biology

Project Guidelines and Ideas 3 February,2012Andrea Aust

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