CurriculumQUEST produces more than just Educator Guides. Check out our resources for using multimedia for teaching and learning–including our Science Education Collections, tips and tricks for engaging students in active viewing, a science-media analysis activity, student worksheets to use QUEST video and audio pieces, educator lesson plans and also a media-making toolkit.

Science Education Collections

The QUEST Science Education Collections have been created to help educators find the best QUEST resources for your classroom. The collections are organized around the California Science Content Standards for grades 6-12. For each collection, educators will find background information for each content standard, suggested QUEST resources, and a sequence for using the resources in the classroom. There are also three special science career and industry collections: Biotechnology, Energy and Green Industry.

Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Biology (grades 9-12)
Chemistry (grades 9-12)
Earth Science (grades 9-12)
Physics (grades 9-12)
Biotechnology (grades 7-12)
Energy (grades 7-12)
Green Industry (grades 7-12)

Using Multimedia with Students

See also our Media-Making Toolkit for Science Education for instructions, worksheets and rubrics for implementing media-making projects with students.

Lesson Plans

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