Toivo Motter

Toivo Motter is an instructional designer and a producer at WVIZ/PBS ideastream in Cleveland, Ohio. He has received several Emmy nominations and awards for his productions, including "LSI: Life Science Investigation," an inquiry-based life science multimedia series about invasive species in Lake Erie. Toivo has an M.A. in instructional design and educational technology from Cleveland State University, and a B.A. in education from Kent State University.

Science on the SPOT: Resurrecting the Dead

QUEST travels to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to meet Linda Spurlock, an anatomist and forensic reconstruction artist who uses clay to re-construct the faces of ancient humans in order to show what they looked like when alive. She also sketches more recently deceased people using only their remains in order to help police solve crimes.


Asian Carp, an “Alien” Threat to Lake Erie

Lake Erie is considered to be the most productive of all five of the Great Lakes.Within its waters are diverse and interdependent plants and animals that make up an intricate web of life. Mostly due to human carelessness, the lake has become home to an increasing number of non-native plants, animals, and micro-organisms which threaten … Continue reading Asian Carp, an “Alien” Threat to Lake Erie →