Shuka Kalantari

Quest Picks: Talking Elephants at the Oakland Zoo

Can elephants feel seismic waves? Scientists have known for years that elephants can communicate. By using low frequency vocals, called rumbles, elephants can ‘talk’ with eachother, sometimes communicating from very long distances. But the new question being asked by some scientists is: can elephants feel those rumbles in the earth? Biologist Dr. Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell from … Continue reading Quest Picks: Talking Elephants at the Oakland Zoo →

Plastic not Fantastic

Humans produce 500 billion plastic bags annually. In China, they recently banned it. Australia, Bangladesh, Ireland, Italy, South Africa,Taiwan, Mumbai and India have either banned it or discouraged its use by raising taxes. And on March 27, 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the USA to ban it from large grocery stores. More … Continue reading Plastic not Fantastic →