Sharol Nelson-Embry

Sharol Nelson-Embry is the Supervising Naturalist at the Crab Cove Visitor Center & Aquarium on San Francisco Bay in Alameda. Crab Cove is part of the East Bay Regional Park District, one of the largest and oldest regional park agencies in the nation. She graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Natural Resources Management and an epiphany that connecting kids with nature was her destiny. She's been rooted in the Bay Area since 1991 after working at nature centers and outdoor science schools around our fair state. She loves the great variety of habitats stretching from the Bay shoreline to the redwoods, lakes, and hills. Sharol enjoys connecting people to nature with articles in local newspapers and online forums. Read her previous contributions to QUEST, a project dedicated to exploring the Science of Sustainability.
Last December the King Tide brought high water very close to the top of a containment wall in Alameda.  Photo courtesy of East Bay Regional Park District.

Grappling with Rising Tides

Climate change and rising tides are predicted to take a toll on our shoreline areas in the Bay Area. Find out more about last winter's King Tides and what actions are underway to help plan for future sea level rise.

Volunteer bird watchers on alert to identify and count all bird species in our area.  Photo by Robert Embry

Birdwatching for Science (and Fun!)

While scientific research isn’t always fun it can be a "walk in the park" when it involves bird watching. Get a first-hand account of one of the largest and longest-running “Citizen Science” projects in the world, Audubon's Christmas Bird Count.