QUEST, an Emmy Award-winning multimedia science series, has a new focus on the science of sustainability.The half-hour magazine style episodes are produced by a collaboration of six public broadcasters around the country and explore a wide variety of sustainability issues related to food, energy, water, climate and biodiversity. The story segments featured in each show are introduced by on-camera host, environmental journalist Simran Sethi. The series also includes half-hour specials that focus on a single topic. All 2013-2014 television programs can be viewed online in their entirety or as individual segments by clicking on the titles and images listed below. The programs are also broadcast in each of our six PBS partner regions including North Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Check local listings for broadcast dates and times.
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How Smart Should We Allow Robots to Get?

From KQED Education Do Now: Artificial intelligence is now more available to us than ever before, and it is getting smarter every year. While some scientists envision artificially intelligent robots as rescuers and caretakers of the future, others are worried that creating technology as intelligent as humans might be rather dangerous. How smart do you think we should we allow artificial intelligent to become?

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What Would You Explore with a Foldscope?

From KQED Education Do Now: A bioengineer at Stanford University has designed an inexpensive, origami microscope--called a Foldscope--to allow people from around the world to make discoveries and answer their own questions. What would you explore with a Foldscope?

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Would You Eat Insects?

From KQED Education Do Now: The California drought is bringing increased attention to resource use in agriculture--not only within the state, but around the world. With a growing global population, use of land and water resources will have to change to meet future demand for animal protein. Would you eat insects as part of a sustainable, earth-friendly diet?

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Does California’s Agriculture Industry Need More Water Restrictions Due to the Drought?

From KQED Education Do Now: For the past four years, California has been experiencing an historic drought. Governor Jerry Brown recently mandated a 25 percent reduction in urban water use across the state. While this legislation seems to some to be a long overdue move in addressing the growing water crisis, others criticize it for a lack of attention towards California’s large agricultural industry. What do you think?

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What’s the Best Path to a Sustainable Future?

From KQED Education Do Now: As we face the consequences of a changing climate, many people wonder how we can most effectively change the consumptive habits of U.S. citizens. Is it more effective to change people’s behavior and attitudes or have the government implement regulations?