Lesley McClurg

As an Emmy award-winning producer, Lesley McClurg has reported on wide range of topics. Recent reports covered Seattle’s two superfund sites, the rise in gang violence and the roots of the Great Recession. Lesley has contributed to numerous KCTS 9 programs and the PBS NewsHour. Prior to working in television, Lesley produced for Woody Creek Pictures. She was the outreach producer on the documentary The Heart of the Game (Disney/Miramax 2006). Originally from Lake Tahoe, Lesley was infused early with a passion for the outdoors. If she isn’t lining up her next shoot you will find her in the mountains or on the water in pursuit of her latest athletic addiction.
megathrust earthquake

Megathrust Earthquakes

Experts warn that an offshore quake powerful enough to kill thousands and discharge a tsunami could hit the West Coast any time. QUEST Northwest talks with geologists and seismologists about cutting-edge research in earthquake prediction, and what it would look like if the next “Big One" hits close to home.