Jenny Oh

Jenny is a long-time contributor to Bay Area Bites, KQED's popular food blog. She formerly worked as an Interactive Producer for the Science & Environment unit. Jenny graduated with honors from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Film and Television program and has worked for WNET/PBS, The Learning Channel, Sundance Channel, HBO and the University of California.

What Are Seismic Waves?

Earthquakes release waves of energy called seismic waves. They travel through the interior and near the surface of the Earth. P-waves, or primary waves, are the fastest moving type of wave and the first detected by seismographs. They are also called compressional or longitudinal waves, and push and pull the ground in the direction the … Continue reading What Are Seismic Waves? →

Career Spotlight: Q & A with Geophysicist Mary Lou Zoback

Mary Lou Zoback is a seismologist and Consulting Professor in the Environmental Earth System Science Department at Stanford University. From 2006-20011 she was Vice President for Earthquake Risk Applications with Risk Management Solutions, a private catastrophe modeling firm serving the insurance industry. Zoback previously was a senior research scientist at the USGS in Menlo Park, … Continue reading Career Spotlight: Q & A with Geophysicist Mary Lou Zoback →