Grant Gerlock

Grant Gerlock is a reporter and the host of Morning Edition on NET Radio, Nebraska’s statewide NPR network. In 3 years at NET Radio he has covered rising land values, raw milk regulations, food security, and a controversial oil pipeline project. Before coming to NET he was a graduate assistant in news at WMUB at Miami University. When he’s not on the radio, Grant enjoys biking and gardening with his family in Lincoln, Nebraska.
coal plant

Mercury Rises on Coal Costs

Half of the airborne mercury pollution in the US comes from coal-fired power plants. After years of study and debate, the Environmental Protection Agency is planning to announce new limits on mercury from coal plants in November. Meanwhile, utilities are scrambling to meet other new federal regulations and industry groups are asking the government to slow down.


Bioplastic Boom

Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Heinz ketchup have determined that plastic made from plants -- not oil -- makes sense both for the environment and for business. The growing demand has meant a boom in the bioplastic industry. Could this mean the end of the plastic bottle as we know it?