Cathy Britt

Cathy Britt is the Digital Communications Specialist at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, where she oversees social media, web projects, and digital content creation. Before coming to the Burke, she worked in marketing for KCTS 9. In her spare time, Cathy is pursuing a Master in Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) degree from the University of Washington and enjoys practicing photography and traveling.

Into the Waves with Orcas

Orcas use sound to navigate, find food and communicate. But underwater noise is making it more difficult. We explore how scientists use hydrophones to track noise from ships and boats to discover what affect noise pollution really has on orcas.

killer whales

The Killer Affecting Killer Whale Populations

Nothing excites whale researchers and whale fanatics more than seeing a new calf born into the pod. However, researchers have learned that calf survival rates are incredibly low, especially for the orca’s first born. The mother’s young calf often dies because of something the mother passes on to her offspring—PCBs.