Andrea Aust

Andrea is the Senior Manager of Science Education for KQED. In addition to QUEST, she's had the pleasure of coordinating education and outreach for the public television series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures and the four-hour documentary Saving the Bay. Andrea graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Environmental Science and earned her M.A. in Teaching and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the University of San Francisco. Prior to KQED, she taught, developed, and managed marine science and environmental education programs in Aspen, Catalina Island and the Bay Area. Follow her on Twitter at @KQEDaust.
Teen Think Tank at the California Academy of Sciences.

Teens Talk about #EngineerThat

Teens from the California Academy of Sciences were judges for KQED's #EngineerThat student media challenge. Hear what they had to say about being peer reviewers and their feedback for the youth who participated in the challenge.

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The #EngineerThat challenge has concluded. Thank you to everyone that participated! View the top five submissions and meet the two teams that were the audience favorites. The world is full of interesting problems to solve. We are all constantly observing and assessing what’s not working around us, and thinking of ways to improve it. That is … Continue reading #EngineerThat →

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E-book: Engineering Is Bringing Fish Up from the Deep

The ocean's mysterious twilight zone is home to a wealth of fish species, many that are new to researchers. In this e-book from KQED, discover how scientists from the California Academy of Sciences engineered a device to safely transport live fish from the twilight zone back to the Academy's aquarium for further study.

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‘Engineering Is’ for the Next Generation

Explore the connections between engineering and science with KQED’s new, free e-book, Engineering Is Saving the World with Cookstoves. Learn how researchers designed a new, more efficient cookstove to improve the quality of life for families in Darfur.

Clue into Climate

Climate Change: Beyond the Headlines

Explore California’s drought, sea level rise, renewable energy and more at the touch of your finger tip! Clue into Climate is a new e-book series about the science behind climate change with interactive animations, infographics, videos and audio reports from KQED and its partners.