Amy Gotliffe

Amy Gotliffe is Conservation Manager at the Oakland Zoo. She is a Detroit transplant, enjoying the good Bay Area life for 17 years. She has a degree in communications, holds several teaching credentials and has a Masters Degree in Environmental Education. She has worked at various Bay Area educational and environmental institutions, teaching second grade, working on campaigns, planting pollinator gardens, producing earth day events and generally spreading the word about wildlife and green living. She currently works at The Oakland Zoo where she serves as the Conservation Manager. There, she coordinates support for international, national and local conservation efforts, produces a Conservation Speaker Series, produces the zoo's Earth Day event, leads eco-trips, teaches the various educational programs and heads up an on-site Green Team. On her list of other passions are travel, photography, music and the lindy hop. :-)

Chickens in the House

Raising chickens offers a good life for our feathered friends, a sense of peace, a connection to nature and our food source, eggs with high nutritional value, a composting and fertilization system, free entertainment and another reason to rise and shine.

Can We Live With Wolves?

I fell in love with wolves after reading Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat ten years ago. Their grace, playfulness, loyalty, keen sense of hearing and smell, and beauty made my heart bow low in respect.

Wonderin' Where the Lions Are

North Beach was my first SF home, and going to sleep while listening to the distant barks of the sea lions let me appreciate the fact that I was living in a magical town by the sea, on a pretty cool planet called Earth.

When It Comes to Birds, Oil and Water Don't Mix

The International Bird Rescue and Research Center has been working non-stop to save wildlife that suffers from oil spills and other disasters. Their work includes training volunteers, consulting with the petrol industry, and managing a professional emergency response team.

Wildlife + Creative Thinking = Hope: A Day at the Wildlife Conservation Expo

This year’s Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in full swing at the Mission Bay Conference Center. It’s a sunny, fall day in October and I am driving into San Francisco. I pass the colorful Love Parade floats revving up without a glance of longing. I pass the turn towards Golden Gate Park for Hardly Strictly Blue … Continue reading Wildlife + Creative Thinking = Hope: A Day at the Wildlife Conservation Expo →

The Cove

The Cove is a new documentary about dolphins that might just make you an activist.

Predators in Peril in Uganda

Last October, I gazed out at the expanse of Queen Elizabeth Park, in Uganda, close to the comfy Mweya Safari Lodge where we were staying. The landscape was beautiful, peaceful…and kind of empty. Though we had seen a large and lovely herd of elephants the evening before, on this fine, clear morning, the habitat was clearly missing one of the most important parts of the eco-system: predators. All we could find were tracks.