S.F. Climate Rally
S.F. Climate Rally. Photo: Sean Greene

Thousands rallied in San Francisco on Sunday urging President Obama to take action on climate change. They demanded the president reject a controversial oil pipeline that would carry tar sands oil from Canada to Texas.

Holding signs that read, “Stop the Pipeline” and “Forward on Climate,” protesters gathered in front of the State Department Building. Becky Bond of Bay Area Based Credo Action was among those at the rally. “If we don’t defeat Keystone XL we know that means game over for the climate. And the only reason Keystone XL hasn’t been built yet is because of activism like the people who are here today. If the president really cares about stopping climate change, he will reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is a watershed moment for the climate movement,” Bond declared.

San Francisco Police estimated the crowd to be more than 3,000 and said there were no arrests. The San Francisco rally was held at the same time more than 40,000 people marched on the National Mall in Washington DC.


Andrea Kissack

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