KQED Climate Watch team
KQED Climate Watch team

KQED is expanding and improving our award-winning science and environment coverage. Craig Miller and Molly Samuel, who have produced KQED’s “Climate Watch” series, are joining the radio, TV, interactive and education producers at our “QUEST” series. The new team is called “KQED Science,” and we will continue to cover science and environment news for KQED Public Radio; produce the science television series “QUEST;” work with science educators and explore science and environment issues in Northern California for KQED online and social media. We are now the largest team covering science and environment news at any media company in Northern California.

Look for more exciting changes in the months to come. But starting this week, the excellent climate, water and energy coverage produced by Craig and Molly can now be found on this site, heard on KQED Public Radio 88.5FM and seen on KQED Public Television 9. Read more about the changes..


Andrea Kissack

Andrea Kissack (@andreakissack) is KQED's Senior Science Editor. Andrea was born in Los Angeles and discovered radio news through listening to her college radio station. With a curious mind and a love for telling stories, she set off for Tampa where she landed her first job as a reporter for Florida Public Radio. After three years reporting in an unbearably humid climate and a brief stint as a miscast opera reporter, Andrea returned to L.A. to work for public radio, then for television news and finally as a reporter for CBS radio. Andrea has been at KQED for over twelve years, working first as a producer for Forum, and then as the senior producer for The California Report. She is now KQED's Senior Science and Environment Editor and narrates the QUEST television program. Andrea says she feels lucky to cover emerging science and environmental trends in a place where geek is chic.

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