feral cat colony

This feral cat colony lives in an Arrow Rock, Missouri, backyard and neighboring grounds. (Photo: Scott Granneman, St. Louis, MO)

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feral cat colony

  • mimo

    love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Pat Srebrnik

    Dear Liza Gross: I would like to ask permission to use this picture in a newspaper article I am writing on the Cat Action Team of PEI (I am the Secretary of CAT). The story is to appear in the Charlottetown, PEI Guardian, as one article in a series of articles on companion animals. I have not had much luck persuading the cats who live in our local colonies to hold still long enough for a good photo! At any rate, you can reply to me at: The Cat Action Team website is at MANY THANKS for considering my request.

  • shanisonfire1999

    its just thunderclan looking for a home

  • They look well taken care of. This is good!

  • Cynthia

    My cat eat bird seed all the surprised he isn’t on there!