Here’s today’s roundup of science, nature and environment news from the Bay Area and beyond.

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care ActSupreme Court Upholds Health Care Act Update, 7:27 AM, More details on nuances from the individual justices: Now from Kennedy is reading a dissent saying the whole thing should be invalid. Meanwhile Ginsberg writes it should be entirely valid. “Justice Ginsburg makes clear that the vote is 5-4 on sustaining the mandate as a form of tax.Embedly Powered

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Dinosaurs were warm-blooded, new paper reportsFor more than 40 years, some paleontologists have argued that the dinosaurs were cold-blooded, like modern reptiles – the technical term is ectotherms – while most fossil hunters have agreed that, whether they were as large as Tyrannosaurus rex or as small as chicken-sized Velociraptor, the dinosaurs were warm-blooded – the term is endotherms. […]Embedly Powered

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Asteroid hunters want to launch private telescopeLOS ANGELES (AP) â Who will protect us from a killer asteroid? A team of ex-NASA astronauts and scientists thinks it’s up to them. In a bold plan unveiled Thursday, the group wants to launch its own space telescope to spot and track small and mid-sized space rocks capable of wiping out a city or continent.Embedly Powered

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‘Biohackers’ mining their own bodies’ dataDave Asprey’s morning regimen will seem deeply unfamiliar to anyone accustomed to starting the day with a cup of sludge from the Mr. Coffee, a Pop-Tart and a self-administered slap across the face in the bathroom mirror.Embedly Powered

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Weather alerts coming soon to smartphone near youMINNEAPOLIS (AP) â Millions of smartphone users will soon begin receiving text messages about severe weather from a sophisticated government system that can send a blanket warning to mobile devices in the path of a dangerous storm.Embedly Powered

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Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Act, Asteroid Hunters Want to Launch Private Telescope: KQED Science News Roundup 2 October,2015Jenny Oh


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