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Here’s a recent photo from “Music and Games Galore“, part of The Tech Museum’s new adults-only monthly event, “After Hours“. Put your creative hats on and participate in our photo caption contest with The Tech Museum. Submit only (1) caption for this photo in the comments section below by Friday, August 26. Then we’ll take all the submissions and have you vote on which one you like best. The winning entry will receive (2) free tickets to their upcoming After Hours event, “DNA With A Twist“, on Wednesday, September 7. The winner will also receive a QUEST prize package.

Enter Our Photo Caption Contest with The Tech Museum! 23 August,2011Jenny Oh

  • Randy

    Reaching the Tipping Point in the Ring Toss.

  • Carolyn

    You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…

  • Kristy

    “With this ring I TECH you..”

  • kate

    Look ma! No hands!

  • Arlene

    Just a little further now, all that Yoga gotta to pay off. All TECH considered.

  • Elisabeth

    New Olympic sport for us non-athletic science types!

  • sharon parker

    If you want to look like the perfect Olympic symbol this summer, this will take a lot of practice. Now hold steady.

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