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We are running a photo caption contest with The Monterey Bay Aquarium! Submit only (1) caption in the comments selection below by Thursday, January 6th, 2011. Then we’ll take all the submissions and have you vote on which one you like best. The winning entry will receive (2) free tickets to the Aquarium.

36.617894 -121.901994

Enter Our Photo Caption Contest with The Monterey Bay Aquarium! 16 December,2010Jenny Oh

  • Anna Rather

    Hey baby, how YOU doin?

  • Zaldy Serrano

    Forever After…

  • caryn halkyard

    Deep within the ocean we have the opportunity to experience …….if only we could capture the unity and connection made from such a simple creature……an experience to last a lifetime.

  • Amanda Corvello

    Oh Romeo, I thought we’d never be together…

  • veronica Jaynes

    Do You Come Here Often?

  • veronica Jaynes

    whats a seahorse like yourself doin’ in a place like this?

  • Jacqueline Bruss

    Strength & Delicacy Collide

  • Cynthia Romero

    Come viss me to zee kasbah…

  • Adria Davis

    Love is everywhere!

  • Jenny Oh

    Hi, Veronica! We’re accepting (1) entry per individual. Choose the one you’d like to submit and we’ll delete the other one. Thanks!

  • Jenny Oh

    Hi Cynthia, Thanks for entering! We’re accepting (1) entry per individual, so we’ll count your submission as one. Thank you!

  • nicole Geary

    The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes

  • Shandie


  • Steve Hetrick

    You complete me

  • Pam Barnhart

    In Sickness and in Health, to have and to hold unto Death do us Part……

  • Sherri McMullin

    Do you want to dance? (a great song by Bette Midler)

  • Lynn

    OK…. take the picture and leave already!!

  • Denise Adler Baca

    I like long swims by the beach – what do you like?

  • Beth Glover

    Seahorse love is enchanting!

  • Ben Kendall

    Just a little horsing around?

  • Ben Kendall

    Just a little seahorsing around?

  • Sheila Leys-Garcia

    Moonlight Kiss

  • Judy Combs

    The Universe of Sea Horse Love

  • valentine cullen

    serenity ~

  • Mois├ęs Olivares

    Male seahorse: “Honey, I think I’m pregnant.”

  • ashley maritz

    A kiss from you brings color to my world!

  • Valerie McGill

    “Will you marry me?”

  • Lisa Weitzmann

    “We’re finally alone….”

  • Lynette Trinidad-Mihaljevic

    “The Sea of Love”

  • JaniceKeiserman

    “Never let me go.”

  • Laura Weiss Lyngaas

    ‘Awww! Honey, can’t you stay here with me and the kids just this once? I can’t believe the krill’s that much better at the edge of the coral…’

  • Dena Donnelly

    Meet me in Magical Monterey

  • Haley McCown

    “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”-Browning

  • Marie Heatherly

    ” I do “

  • Hoops

    “OK you two, quit horsing around!”

  • lgenoway

    “Will you be my Mr. Mom?”

  • Henry Suarez

    OK. Our silhouettes look like a rabbit…now move over and let’s make a dog.

  • Curtis Gee

    “Strangers in the bight”

  • Gertie

    What’s your sign?

  • Rheannon

    As you wish…..

  • Diane Fox

    First Date

  • Stusjac

    “At Last! My Love has come along! My Lonely days Are over! And Life is like a Song! Oh, yeah, yeah at last!” As sung by Etta James

  • Farol Tomson

    I don’t care what the French call it, my tongue is too short!

  • Debbie Schulist Markiewicz

    May I have this Dance? Join me please ~ within our waves of romance!

  • Sharon Parker

    Male seahorse is saying to the female seahorse : ” I want to have your baby”

  • Sharon Parker

    i follow the aquarium on twitter @honey_child_plz

  • valerie-mark@att.net

    “Let’s lay babies. The male one lays the egg.” Jonah, 7 yrs. old.

  • Jenny Oh

    Hi, Janice! Thanks for entering the contest! We’re only allowing one entry per individual, so we are going to retract your early entry.

  • Dana Mathes

    “Out together dancing… beak to beak”

  • Kat Greene

    Fate, out of the blue
    Currents pulled us together
    Mates through time and tide.

  • Simone

    When suddenly out of the blue, it just had to be you!

  • doug

    as long as we don’t tell, it’s o.k.

  • jenny oh

    Dear Lynette, You are the winner of our contest! Please e-mail us at questeditor@kqed.org so that we can get your contact info.

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