Did you know that about 95 percent of what we think is taste is actually smell? Or that the way we perceive flavor comes from a complex relationship between our senses, emotions and memories? As scientists decode how our taste and olfactory receptors work, top California chefs are taking that knowledge and creating alchemy in the kitchen.

Learn more about the science of taste and this video with the Producer’s Notes.

  • CJ

    Is it just me or does this video not stream smoothly? I let it buffer but sometimes the audio and time would keep going while the image freezes

    • http://blogs.kqed.org/food/ admin

      Dear CJ, Streaming quality depends sometimes on your computer and browser. Try clearing your cache and see if that helps.

  • Chris

    CJ is right. I can not even see the video. It just keeps spinning like it is loading. I know it is not my set up as I have 20 MB download speed with an intel(r) core i7, 2.8gh with 12 GB’s of memory. I am in the IT field. It definitley is your server..

    • Chris

      After about a minute it started to run. Definitley your server.

    • Matt

      20 MB upload? That’s… extremely slow.. i7 at 2.8 ghz? My i5 is at 3.0…. Upgrade your procressor.. 12 gb rams? What.?.. you’re either running 2gbx6 which is EXTREMELY stupid.. or 4gbx3.. which is just as dumb -.-.. you claim you’re in the IT field.. *sigh*


Sarah Kass

Sarah Kass is a writer, director, and producer whose specialty is long-format documentaries, primarily for broadcast television. Among her credits are many one and two hour specials for the DCI networks and the History Channel. She was the Senior Writer on the 27-hour, award winning THC series Man Moment Machine, which combined biography, historical event, and technology. Sarah has written on diverse subjects: from Mardi Gras in New Orleans to Mark Twain's travels through the Holy Land; from combat veteran reunions to tales of women warriors. A recent independent film that she wrote on the restoration of Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in the Himalayas has been featured in film festivals internationally. Sarah's shows have won Cine Golden Eagle Awards, Tele Awards, and have been nominated for national Emmys.

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