What does our use of bottled water say about us? View our 2-minute TV short “Future History: Plastic Water Bottles” to take a look from the perspective of an anthropologist from the distant future, and the take our poll below:

“Do you plan to change your bottled water habits?”
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Josh Rosen is Series Producer for QUEST on KQED Television.
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Future History: Plastic Water Bottles – take our poll 13 March,2016Josh Rosen

  • Alan of berkeley

    Since plastic is going to become a worse problem, why not go back to using glass and metal lids?? Find a way to enclose the glass in soft cloths or shockproof (and plastic) foam so that the glass is drinkable, fillable and washable.

  • garance


    Well, it is good to care about the environment. Yet, I am not sure that people will suddenly turn to tap bc U.S. is the country of the “take out”. So, for the ones who still wanna do sth good: Volvic is actually giving HUGE amount of clean drinkable water through UNICEF; Check it out: http://www.drink1give10.com

  • Thank you for this brilliant use of media to get an essential point across (and fun element helps!)..

    In the San Francisco Bay Area we are currently building towards an epic 4-day/4-year hummingbird ceremony, which is profoundly about the world’s water. Eschewing (no, we didn’t eat them!) the plastic water bottle is one big-little thing that one person can do to help turn-the-Titanic.

  • Max

    Plastic bottles are a growing problem in our landfills and oceans. We felt that something needed to be done……and now.

    We knew that there wasn’t going to be one “fix it all” answer and began to wonder if anything was ever going to be done. The problem was growing every day, more bottles were being manufactured and more bottles were accumulating in places where we didn’t need them.

    We were wondering if “Earth Friendly Bottles” would ever be available?

    That’s why we decided to do our part and started ENSO Bottles. We are partnering with other companies to offer a PET plastic bottle that will biodegrade, compost or recycle.

    Our bottles can be produced in a clear or colored version, however, the clear version isn’t quite as clear as current PET plastic bottles but then again that’s one way to identify our earth friendly bottle.

    ENSO is trying to achieve sustainability with our plastic bottles. Our goal is to make bottles that won’t have the adverse impact on our environment and are made from non food bio-fuels.

    We haven’t started making them from bio-fuel but that’s high on our agenda and hopefully will be something we can offer in the future.

    But for now, we offer a plastic bottle that is earth friendly…it’s just one step but if we all take just one step toward improving our planet….we will make a difference.

    Now all we need is for a lot of beverage companies to start using earth friendly plastic bottles.


  • bobby

    whatever all yow tree huggers dang just continue on and let us keep out plastic and address the problem whn it gets so do whatever yow want liberals


Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen was the TV Series Producer for QUEST from 2007-2009. He is a senior writer and producer specializing in documentary series and factual programming. Over the last decade he's produced a wide range of non-fiction hours, covering everything from Antarctic expeditions to Civil War history. With a background in feature film, Josh spent four years working with legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog on multiple documentaries, including the Emmy-nominated "Little Dieter Needs to Fly," "Wings of Hope," and "Klaus Kinski: My Best Fiend." His more recent projects are currently airing on the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, and worldwide through Granada Media and RDF Television.

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