Dr Jane Hightower was one of the first Bay Area doctors to start diagnosing mercury poisoning in her patients. In this audio clip, she explains how to know if you might be getting too much mercury from the fish you eat. And, she tells us what she feeds her 10-year old twin boys. (Hint: No tuna fish sandwiches in the Hightower home.)

Mercury Poisoning: Interview with Dr. Jane Hightower (web only) 11 June,2013Amy Standen
  • Joe Keleher

    Dear Dr. Jane Hightower,
    I have research connections between what many call Morgellons Disease and mercury exposure. As the Bay area is considered the hottest area in the US for the Morgellons symptom set, I wonder if you have seen any connections? I certainly welcome your communications and any input you may have for detoxing (I have written about this topic on my blog morgellonsjoe.blogspot.com). Thank you for any information you can provide.

    Sincerely, Joe Keleher


Amy Standen

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