Richmond city officials are expected to approve a controversial upgrade to the Chevron refinery plant. Quest reports on the decision and explores the debate around Chevron’s billion dollar proposal.
You may listen to the “Chevron’s Plans” Radio report online, as well as find additional links and resources.

Amy Standen is a Reporter for QUEST and Radio News at KQED-FM.

  • zeva longley

    I think this is a no brainer. More pollution equals sicker people and planet. Period.

    At community meetings I have seen Chevron reps repeat over and over agian this is “FOR the people.” I have read their DEIR ( draft environmental impact report) and after they changed a few things, I read the EIR. The bottom line for this nieghbor and lover of life is that if this passes they will polluting their neighbors and the earth even more.

    So why dont they put solar panels on their thousands of acres?? Duh.. they wouldnt make millions doing that. ZL, Richmond, CA


Amy Standen

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