The urban forest is going digital. Thanks to volunteers with laptops and handheld devices, San Francisco is creating an online map of every street tree in the city, getting a leg up on keeping the urban landscape healthy and growing.

You may view the “Urban Forest 2.0” story online, as well as find additional links and resources.

Sheraz Sadiq is a Segment Producer and Associate Producer for QUEST on KQED Television.

Producer’s Notes — Urban Forest 2.0 14 March,2016Sheraz Sadiq

  • Bracey Tiede

    This idea is very cool. I can see this being used by parks, school districts, corporations – any organization that needs to keep track of trees or other large plants.

  • roxytico

    Has the tree-mapping site already launched, or is it still under maintenance? None of the links I’ve found seem to work. I suspect the tree outside my building is a lemon bottlebrush, but I don’t know for sure. Can’t wait till it’s up and running.

  • KiltBear

    Apparently someone has created an iPhone app to query this database and tell you what tree you are in front of.


Sheraz Sadiq

Sheraz Sadiq is an Emmy Award-winning producer at San Francisco PBS affiliate KQED. In 2012, he received the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism award for a story he produced about the seismic retrofit of the Hetch Hetchy water delivery system which serves the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to producing television content for KQED Science, he has also created online features and written news articles on scientific subjects ranging from astronomy to synthetic biology.

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