What’s 100,000 times thinner than a strand of hair? A nanometer. Discover the nanotech boom in Berkeley, where researchers are working to unlock the potential of nanoscience to battle global warming, and disease.

Nanotechnology Takes Off 15 March,2016Josh Rosen
  • rick cheek

    Can you imagine what your grandfather would have said if you told him when he was a teen of the things that will be available due to nanotech. BLASPHEMY!

  • Donna

    This link is not working:

    pdf Nanotechnology Takes Off Educator Guide,Nanotechnology Educator Guide

    I would really like to read the Educator Guide.


  • Hi Donna:

    Thanks for catching the error – the pdf link is now fixed.

    • Sunkart

      The link that says “Educator Guide Available” is still not working.

  • mary

    You mean “Globa Cooling”, Global warming is a Marxist idea created by the United Nations and Al Gore the Bore!

  • Dudley Church

    Terry, I have sent you several phone messages regarding lectures I missed, and requesting makeup CDs. So far nothing has happened.The lectures are by Zichermann, and Cox. Please respond. My email is ourcadia@msn.com. My phone is 360-944-5682. Thanks, Dudley Church.

  • Nanotechnology. How I wish Michael Crichton were still with us.His last (as far as I know) comments on this subject appear in Micro, the novel he was part way through writing when he died. This whole subject is incredible. Many years ago I used to teach hairdressing theory/science and getting students to look at a cross section of hair (good example) and its three layers was mind boggling then. Look at us now. Great presentation. Thanks.


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