KQED Joins Nextdoor to Bring Relevant Content to Bay Area Neighborhoods

KQED is using Nextdoor to share its multipart podcast “American Suburb” with Antioch residents.



March 23, 2017, San Francisco, CA — KQED News has partnered with Nextdoor, the social network for neighborhoods, to share hyperlocal content and breaking news with select Bay Area neighborhoods.

Thousands of Bay Area communities are using Nextdoor to stay informed about what’s happening in their neighborhood and cultivate meaningful conversations around local issues. KQED has begun posting stories to Nextdoor neighborhoods in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Antioch to help ensure that the most pertinent KQED reporting reaches those communities.

“At KQED, we’ve worked to be a good neighbor and a trusted news source to communities across the Bay Area and beyond for decades,” wrote KQED News Vice President Holly Kernan in an introductory post. “We strive to inform and inspire our neighbors about what’s going on in their corner of California. That’s why we’ve joined Nextdoor — a site that connects neighbors, builds community and informs you about your neighborhood.”

KQED’s Nextdoor presence not only helps ensure that relevant content reaches communities, but also provides an online platform for community dialogue and reflection. One example of KQED news content being shared on Nextdoor is the multipart podcast “American Suburb,” which explores the effects that urban flight is having on Antioch and its residents. KQED has also been delivering ongoing coverage of the Bay Area homeless crisis to the neighborhoods featured in its reporting. Pertinent breaking news; education, transit and housing reporting; and arts, culture and restaurant reviews will also be delivered.

KQED plans to expand its Nextdoor presence to more Bay Area cities in the coming months. Visit KQED’s Nextdoor profile page to explore our locally relevant stories: nextdoor.com/kqed

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About Nextdoor
Nextdoor is the private social network for neighborhoods. More than 125,000 neighborhoods across the country use Nextdoor to connect around local recommendations, free items, crime and safety, neighborhood events, and more. On Nextdoor, neighbors who join must use their real names and verify their home address to ensure all conversations are private and shared only between residents in the neighborhood.

KQED Joins Nextdoor to Bring Relevant Content to Bay Area Neighborhoods 23 March,2017pcavagnaro

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