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Film School Shorts is a half-hour weekly series that showcases short student films from across the country. Each filmmaker has the potential to become the next world famous filmmaker and each short film will make you laugh, gasp and empathize, sometimes in the same breath. The featured films — quirky comedies, slice-of-life dramas and hard-hitting thrillers — have won international film awards and have wowed audiences at some of the most acclaimed film festivals in the world: Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and SXSW.

Meet our student filmmakers, learn more about the films, and view some of our award-winning shorts online at, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Meet Our Team!

Production Team:
Series Producer: Lisa Landi
Associate Producer: Julia Shackelford
Social Media Specialist: Aldo Mora-Blanco
Production Assistant: Susan Cohen
Intern: Anna Oh
Editor: Robert O’Green, Henry Rubin
Design: Zaldy Serrano, Christina Zee White
Original Music, written and produced by Trifonic
Announcers: Vincent Cortez, Adizah Eghan
Audio: Peter Borg
Interactive: Marie K Lee, Kevin Cooke
Publicity: Brenda Tucker, Cecilia Lei, Christina Reagan
On Air Promotion: Bridget Louie
Legal: Abby Staeble, William Lowery, Rebecca Hopkins, Joyce Guthrie
Special Thanks to: Scott Dwyer, Chris Stamm
Director of TV Production: Sandy Schonning


Film School Shorts
is a national KQED production and is distributed nationally by the National Educational Telecommunications Association. This series has been made possible by a grant from Maurice Kanbar, celebrating the vitality and power of the moving image, and by the members of KQED.

Film School Shorts 18 December,2013Evren Odcikin

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