RTDNA honors KQED News With Six 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

Murrow Awards recognize excellence in broadcast journalism and online news services.

The selected cross-platform stories were featured on The California ReportKQED News and KQEDnews.org, and will be in consideration for national awards.

KQEDnews.org was selected as best news website.

KQED, the public media organization that serves Northern California, was honored by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) with six 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, which recognize work of the highest quality produced by radio, television and online news organizations around the world. KQED stories were judged as part of region 2, which includes California, Guam, Hawaii and Nevada. The winners were selected from a record number of entries and the regional winners are automatically entered into the national Edward R. Murrow Awards competition.

The winning KQED stories were:

  • Continuing Coverage: “2012 Election Coverage”
    KQED’s entry included the following stories:
    “In Inland Empire, Economic Distress May Drive Voters,” by Scott Shafer
    “Richmond’s Proposed Soda Tax Will Go to Voters,” by Mina Kim
    “In San Jose, Once a Class Project, Now a Major Political Battle,” by Peter Jon Shuler
    “Outside Money Pouring Into California’s Congressional Races,” by Tara Siler
    “New Rules Make Once Safe House Seat Competitive,” by Cy MusikerCoordinating Editor: Tyche Hendricks; Editors, news bloggers, online producers and social media engagement included Ingrid Becker, Julia McEvoy, Dan Brekke, Jon Brooks Lisa Aliferis, Lisa Pickoff-White, Matthew Green and Ian Hill.
  • Feature Reporting: “Through Meditation, Veterans Relearn Compassion”
    Reporter: Amy Standen; Editors: Andrea Kissack and Paul Rogers
  • Investigative Reporting: “Broken Shield: Exposing Abuses & California’s Developmental Center”
    Reporter: Michael Montgomery; Editor: Pat Flynn; Partners: Center for Investigative Reporting
  • News Series: “Water and Power”
    Dan Brekke, Craig Miller, Molly Samuel, Lauren Sommer, Andrea Kissack, Lisa Pickoff-White, Don Clyde and Andy Warner
  • Reporting Sports: “Oakland A’s Fans”
    Reporter: Nina Thorsen; Editors: Ingrid Becker and Dan Brekke
  • Website: KQEDNews.org
    Gabriel Coan, Lisa Pickoff-White, Jon Brooks, Ian Hill, Laird Harrison, Katrina Schwartz and David Marks.

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RTDNA honors KQED News With Six 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards 19 April,2013Evren Odcikin

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