KQED Expands its Award-Winning Coverage and Analysis of Issues Important to California

New blogs focus on health issues and the genesis of current news stories

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2012 — KQED announced today the launch of two new blogs that are part of its continuing work to serve the information needs of its community. The two blogs, “State of Health” and “KQED’s Lowdown,” also will expand KQED’s growing news presence around issues of importance for the people of California.

“State of Health,” which you can find at KQEDnews.org, explores how the health care challenges facing the country are impacting California. It looks at the reasons behind soaring insurance costs and increasing chronic illness while bringing you stories of challenge and change in the Golden State. “State of Health” Editor Lisa Aliferis said the blog brings attention to issues often overlooked by the media in health care coverage.

“Too often, health news focuses on what individuals can do to improve their health, while overlooking the wide discrepancies in people’s immediate communities,” she said. “’State of Health’” looks at public health efforts and policy starting to turn the tide of the many health problems plaguing us today.”

KQED also is giving the community a new perspective through “KQED’s Lowdown,” a blog which can be found at KQED.org/education. Educational, explanatory, and entertaining in scope, “KQED’s Lowdown” helps demystify the causes and significance of some of the major trends and issues that impact the lives of Californians. It helps fill in the holes of news stories, examining the intersecting variables at play.

“It attempts to provide clear-cut, relevant answers that can broaden readers’ grasp and appreciation of the issues,” said KQED Supervisor of News Education Matthew Green. “We’ll be delivering a better understanding of news to dual audiences, educators and high school students as well as the general public.”

“KQED’s Lowdown” and “State of Health” are the latest examples of KQED’s continuing efforts to provide the community with engaging, in-depth news and perspective online. The website KQED.org also features a live stream of radio content and newscasts, video of KQED-produced news and educational television programs and blogs covering technology in education, state politics and Bay Area news, among other topics.

KQED also recently launched an iPhone app and it maintains profiles covering a variety of topics on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. KQED’s nationally-recognized blogs include
“Mindshift,” which explores the future of learning, and “Climate Watch,” which offers in-depth coverage of climate science.

“People are changing the way they use and interact with media. KQED wants to serve the information needs of the Bay Area community,” said Tim Olson, KQED’s vice president of digital media and education. “We’re always looking for new ways to make sure they can get KQED content on the device and interface of their choice.”

KQED Expands its Award-Winning Coverage and Analysis of Issues Important to California 18 April,2012Ian Hill

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