Seismic Safety in California Public Schools is Subject of Radio Series and Television Documentary

San Francisco, April 8, 2011—KQED, the public media station serving Northern California, and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s California Watch announce a radio series and television special that examines seismic safety concerns in California’s public schools. More than a year in the making, the series will air on KQED 88.5FM and on stations statewide via KQED’s The California Report beginning Friday, April 8 (full schedule below). An original television special, On Shaky Ground, will air on KQED 9 on Friday, April 15th at 7:30pm. The program is being made available to all other public television stations in California.

After the recent events in Haiti, Chile, and Japan, seismic safety has become an ever larger concern. While many cities and towns have been making preparations for an emergency, their attention has not been on some of the buildings for which they hold ultimate responsibility. Experts, educators, and parents have been left wondering whether schools–and the children who attend them–are as safe as they should be.

In addition to the radio reports and television special, an interactive component, located at, will provide the collected radio reports (available in audio and text format), the television program, a glossary of terms, a map of historical quakes in California, searchable databases and interactive maps showing potentially problematic schools and districts, information and resources, and other original content.

Statewide distribution will allow for the largest possible audience. KQED Public Radio’s The California Report is distributed to more than 70 stations across the state. In addition, On Shaky Ground will be distributed to various public television stations in California, including KCET/Los Angeles, KVIE/Sacramento, and KPBS/San Diego. Other stations are expected to confirm shortly.

“The recent international earthquake catastrophes have again reminded us of California’s vulnerability and the importance of anticipating and preventing a major catastrophe here. And it is hard to imagine anything more urgent than protecting the children in our schools,” said John L. Boland, president and chief executive officer of KQED. “We are very pleased to partner with the Center for Investigative Reporting and California Watch to bring this critical information to public radio, television, and online audiences statewide.”

“KQED is a valuable partner for us in this and all of California Watch’s projects,” said Robert J. Rosenthal, Executive Director of the Center for Investigative Reporting, California Watch’s parent organization. “Our collaboration with KQED has benefited not only us but the public interest. It fits in perfectly with our goal of multi-platform journalism reaching varied and new audiences.”


On Shaky Ground

Hosted by Scott Shafer

KQED Public Television 9

Friday, April 15th, 7:30pm

9 additional airings, schedule available at


KQED Public Radio 88.5FM

The California Report

Hosted by Rachel Myrow

Friday, April 8th
Monday, April 11th
Tuesday, April 12th
5:50, 6:50 and 8:50am


About KQED


KQED ( has served Northern California for more than 50 years and is affiliated with NPR and PBS. KQED owns and operates public television stations KQED 9 (San Francisco/Bay Area), KTEH 54 (San Jose/Bay Area), and KQET 25 (Watsonville/Monterey); KQED Public Radio (88.5FM San Francisco and 89.3FM Sacramento); the interactive platforms, and; and KQED Education. KQED Public Television, one of the nation’s most-watched public television stations, is the producer of local and national series such as QUEST; Check, Please! Bay Area; This Week in Northern California; Truly CA; and Essential Pépin. KQED’s digital television channels include 9HD, Life, World, Kids, and V-me, and are available 24/7 on Comcast.  KQED Public Radio, home of Forum with Michael Krasny and The California Report, is one of the most-listened-to public radio stations in the nation with an award-winning news and public affairs program service delivering more than eighteen local newscasts daily.  KQED Interactive hosts KQED’s cross-platform news service, KQED News, as well as offers video and audio podcasts and a live radio stream at KQED Education brings the impact of KQED to thousands of teachers, students, parents, and the general public through workshops, community screenings, and multimedia resources.

About California Watch and the Center for Investigative Reporting

California Watch (, the largest investigative journalism team in the state, was launched in 2009 by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Center for Investigative Reporting. Areasof coverage include education, health and welfare, public safety, the environment and the influence of money on the political and regulatory process. California Watch receives funding from The James Irvine Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the California Endowment. California Watch received a National Headliner Award in 2011 for “Best Online Only Journalism Site.” In 2010, California Watch was awarded a general excellence award from the Online News Association, and its staff also was named “Journalists of the Year” by the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

The Center for Investigative Reporting is the nation’s oldest nonprofit investigative news organization. CIR reports have reached the public through television, print, radio and the web, appearing in outlets such as 60 Minutes, PBS Frontline, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Politico and U.S. News & World Report. CIR stories have received numerous journalism awards including the Alfred I. du Pont-Columbia University Silver Baton, George Polk Award, Emmy Award, Investigative Reporters and Editors Award, and a National Magazine Award for Reporting Excellence. More importantly, its reports have sparked congressional hearings and legislation, United Nations resolutions, public interest lawsuits and change in corporate policies. CIR founded California Watch to help create a new model for regional investigative and high-impact reporting.

The California Report

Area Station Airtimes
Daily Weekly Magazine
Arcata KHSU 90.5 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Ashland, OR KSMF 89.1 M-F 7:50am None
Bakersfield KPRX 89.1 M-F 6:50am & 7:50am Fri 6:30pm
Big Sur Coast KUSP 105.9 M-F 6:50am None
Burney KFPR 91.9 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Burney / Redding KNCA 89.7 M-F 7:50am None
Calexico KQVO 97.7 M-F 5:50am Fri 6:30pm
Callahan / Ft. Jones KSMF 89.1 M-F 7:50am None
Cave Junction, OR KSMF 90.9 M-F 7:50am None
Cayucos KCBX 91.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Chester KCHO 89.7 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Chico KCHO 91.7 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Coachella Valley KPCV 90.3 Varies Sun 10:30pm
Coachella Valley / Imperial Valley KQVO 97.7 M-F 5:50am Sun 10:30pm
Crescent City / Brookings KHSR 91.9 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Ferndale / Fortuna KHSU 88.7 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Fresno KVPR 89.3 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Ft. Bragg KZYX 88.1 M-Th 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Garberville KHSU 89.7 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Grants Pass, OR KSMF 97.7 M-F 7:50am None
Greenville KCHO 100.9 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Gridley / Oroville / Paradise KCHO 92.3 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Hayfork KCHO 99.7 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Hesperia KVCR 88.1 M-F 6:50am Sat 9pm
Hollister KUSP 89.1 M-F 6:50am None
Hoopa KIDE 91.3 M-F 9:15am & 5:15pm Sat 12pm; Mon 9:30am & 5:30pm
Klamath Falls, OR KSKF 90.9 M-F 7:50am None
La Jolla KPBS 89.1 M-F 5:50am Fri 6:30pm
Lompoc KCBX 95.1 M-F 6:50am None
Los Gatos KUSP 90.3 M-F 6:50am None
Martinez / Benicia KQED 88.1 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
Mt. Shasta KNSQ 88.1 M-F 7:50am None
Mt. Shasta / Dunsmuir / Weed KFPR 92.3 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Nevada City KVMR 89.5 M-F 8:10am None
Pacific Grove KAZU 90.3 M-F 6:50am Fri 7pm
Palo Colorado Canyon KUSP 91.3 M-F 6:50am None
Pasadena KPCC 89.3 Varies Sun 10:30pm
Paso Robles / King City KUSP 91.7 M-F 6:50am None
Philo KZYX 90.7 M-Th 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Port Orford, OR KSMF 89.3 M-F 7:50am None
Quincy KQNC 88.1 M-F 8:50am None
Redding KFPR 88.9 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Redlands KUOR 89.1 Varies Sun 10:30pm
Roseburg, OR KSMF 91.9 M-F 7:50am None
Sacramento KQED 89.3 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
Sacramento KXJZ
M-F 8:50am None
San Ardo KBDH 91.7 M-F 6:50am None
San Bernardino / Inland Empire KVCR 91.9 M-F 6:50am Sat 9pm
San Diego KPBS 89.5 M-F 5:50am Fri 6:30pm
San Francisco KQED 88.5 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
San Luis Obispo KCBX 90.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Santa Barbara KSBX 89.5 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Santa Barbara KCLU 102.3 None Sat 2pm
Santa Barbara KCLU 1340 AM None Sat 2pm
Santa Cruz KUSP 88.9 M-F 6:50am None
Santa Cruz, downtown KUSP 89.3 M-F 6:50am None
Santa Rosa KQED 88.3 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
Santa Ynez Valley / Avila Beach / Cambria KCBX 90.9 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Stockton KUOP 91.3 M-F 8:50am None
Tahoe City KKTO 90.5 M-F 8:50am None
Truckee / Tahoe KVMR 105.1 M-F 8:10am None
Ventura County KCLU 88.3 None Sat 2pm
Weaverville KCHO 89.5 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Westwood KCHO 98.3 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Willits / Ukiah KZYZ 91.5 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Willow Creek KHSU 99.7 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Yreka KSMF 89.3 M-F 7:50am None

Media Contact:

Scott Walton, KQED


Marlene Saritzky, CIR/California Watch



Seismic Safety in California Public Schools is Subject of Radio Series and Television Documentary 8 April,2011Meredith Gandy

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