The internet never ceases to amaze. Last week, we were most thankful for Every Single Word, a Tumblr that edits down popular movies to only showcase the lines spoken by people of color. Other recent favorites run the gamut from Beyonce lyrics paired with portraits of politicians to lines from Smiths songs integrated into Charlie Brown comics. And now we have a Tumblr that inexplicably juxtaposes scenes from Kiera Knightley’s Pride and Prejudice adaptation with headlines from The Onion. Super random, but genius nonetheless. Check out some of the entries for yourself, if you don’t believe me:

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And there are more where these came from. Check out the rest at creator KC Kahler’s Tumblr.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ and The Onion: A Match Made in Meme Heaven 15 July,2015Emmanuel Hapsis


Emmanuel Hapsis

Emmanuel Hapsis is the creator and editor of KQED Pop and also the host of The Cooler. He studied creative writing at University of Maryland and went on to receive his MFA in the field from California College of the Arts. In his free time, he sings his heart out at karaoke.

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