Photo: Paresse Cafe, via Indiegogo
Mahika Mano, a hammock cafe, in Tokyo. Photo: Paresse Cafe, via Indiegogo

On the heels of KitTea, the forthcoming cafe that hopes to combine drinking warm beverages with petting random cats, there are now plans to bring the first hammock cafe to the U.S. Business partners Ingrid Vierne and Babette Auvray-Pagnozzi hope to bring unconventional lounging to Valencia Street in the form of Paresse Cafe, which translates to “laziness” in French. But hammocks is just scratching the surface; they also hope to include 20 minute massages, a daily music hour for local talent, vegan food, and brightly colored fish (because why not?). Their Indiegogo is trying to raise a staggering $150,000 so this weird, yet enticing idea might not actually come to pass. Back up plan: Paresse teams up with KitTea to bring the following gif out of our dreams and into reality. Now that’s a $150k idea!


Hammock Cafe Coming to San Francisco! 20 January,2015Emmanuel Hapsis


Emmanuel Hapsis

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