Photo: Buena Vista Television
Photo: Buena Vista Television

Like many other ’90s kids, I was essentially raised by the television. So rewatching certain shows can feel like reuniting with long lost friends. Growing up, I was on a steady diet of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Pee Wee, and DuckTales. (You can find proof of the latter all over my lunch box on my first day of school.)

I don’t think of Scrooge McDuck and his grand-nephews that much these days, but when I do it’s a deluge of childhood tastes, smells and feels smashing past poorly built flood gates. So imagine the emotions inspired by Postmodern Jukebox‘s cover and slow jam-ification of the DuckTales theme song. Let’s just say the first-day-of-school five-year-old inside me is pretty psyched.

And the original for old times’ sake:

What theme song from your childhood do you think deserves a slow jam?


Emmanuel Hapsis

Emmanuel Hapsis studied creative writing at University of Maryland and went on to receive his MFA in the field from California College of the Arts. After a few years of odd jobs, he landed at KQED, where he worked his way up from an intern to the lead producer of a literature podcast and then the creator and editor of KQED Pop. In his free time, he sings his heart out at karaoke.

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