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This could be you!
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KQED Pop is seeking pop culture writers! We want you (or your super smart friend)!

In case you’re not familiar with KQED Pop, we are a daily blog that critically examines the social or cultural impact of music, movies, television, advertisements, fashion, the internet and other collective experiences that make us laugh, cringe, and cry. And we’re looking for some new voices to add to the conversation.

Do you live and breathe pop culture? Are you handy with a quill? Can you make a glaze-eyed person reading from a computer screen feel things? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or know someone who would), go ahead and send two writing samples and three pitches to ASAP. Destiny waits for no one.

  • Handozo Primero

    So… are these voices getting paid? Or are they getting “exposure?”

    • Emmanuel Hapsis

      All of our contributors are paid.

      • Handozo Primero

        WHOO-HOO! Thanks to KQED for your integrity! Now to spread the word to all my writer friends! This sounds like a crazy fun gig!

      • Caryn Cardello

        Hey Emmanuel – about what word count do you have in mind?

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