Wednesday afternoons were made for tempering your mid-week ennui with something fluffy, like taking way too long to decide your favorite color in order to find out which Downton Abbey character you are deep down inside! Who needs therapy, when you have online quizzes to figure out who you really are?

Are you an acquired taste like Jan Brady patron saint Edith or the cutest thing since Bambi learned to walk a.k.a. Daisy or so ridiculously flawless that your face should be printed on all the coins everywhere à la the Dowager Countess? If you end up being boring Bates or worthless Lord Grantham, heed this lesson from the Gospel according to Violet:

downton abbey countess defeatist


Which “Downton Abbey” Character Are You?Pinkies up, crumpets down, let’s do this! ..

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