Photo: Jennifer Dube, National Media Research Planning and Placement LLC
Photo: Jennifer Dube, National Media Research Planning and Placement LLC

Ever show up to a first date and wonder if that nervous creature sweating across from you has either campaigned for Obama during his Chicago years or has a Sarah Palin poster over their bed? Well, wonder no more! According to a new study by GFK MRI and Jennifer Dube of National Media Research Planning and Placement, you can learn a lot about one’s politics from their favorite inebriants and even determine how likely to vote said person is.

Republicans tend to go for dark spirits, while Democrats veer toward clear liquor and champagne. People who like Jagermeister and Don Julio are generally too hungover to make it to the ballot box. And rum is a bad idea enjoyed by those of all political persuasions (I can’t tell right from left after a couple of Mai Tais either). So print this infographic out and put it in your purse or wallet for your next OkCupid meet-up and spare yourself that awkward “Sooo…thoughts on a woman’s right to choose?”


Emmanuel Hapsis

Emmanuel Hapsis studied creative writing at University of Maryland, College Park and went on to receive his MFA in the field from California College of the Arts. After a few years of odd jobs, he landed at KQED, where he worked his way up from an intern to being the lead producer of a literature podcast and then the creator and editor of KQED Pop. In his free time, he teaches yoga and sings his heart out at karaoke.

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