Warning: The following clip contains a lot of swearing and some really bad ideas.

It was brought to my attention, when searching through the internet with that specific Monday afternoon desperation, hoping something amazing was happening somewhere, that Dazed and Confused came out 20 years ago.

I’m just going to let that sink in for a minute.

That movie, the one that seemed like it was set in the deep distant past that maybe your DAD might understand, but was also about something you yourself were experiencing, going from being a little kid to being a teenager maybe, or maybe just a bigger kid, but someone with more responsibility and a better bike who might consider trying alcohol, that movie is 20 years old. And you know the most messed-up part? Dazed and Confused was set only 17 years before it came out.

Do the math friend. You are old.

Personally, I was 11 in 1993, which means I was just beginning to start feeling feelings hard. Reading romantic books with orphan heroines in bed late at night, talking to boys on the phone, crying in movies, crying in Humanities class, that sort of thing. I am old too.

In the spirit of 20th anniversary of Dazed and Confused, I suggest we take that movie’s lead and get super nostalgic. Here are some of the things that made me cry in 1993:

Soul Asylum singing “Runaway Train” and the names of actual runaways:

The Joy Luck Club: (the movie–I read the book at some earlier point)…there’s nothing sadder than being a subjugated girl through history.

The Giver because it was the best book ever and it meant so much and it was about both puberty and a distopian future:


The Proclaimers singing “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” and wondering if any boys would ever walk 1,000 miles for me (I would have also cried at Benny and Joon if I’d seen it):

The Good Son and they were tears of terror–WHO LET ME WATCH THIS MOVIE??

What am I missing? Tell me your favorite 1993 thing in the comments!

1993 Was 20 Years Ago (You’re Officially Old Now) 17 October,2013Lizzy Acker

  • petergenuardi

    Time’s passing. Thanks for the reminder.

    In 1993 I went to my first concert, Lollapalooza, in Philadelphia.

    Half of these bands are together, half are gone, and half are missing bandmates.

    Primus, Alice in Chains, Dinosaur Jr., Fishbone, Arrested Development, Front 242, Babes in Toyland, Tool, Rage Against the Machine


    • jyaz

      Haha that was my first concert too. I lied to my parents that I was going swimming at a lake with a friend, and I caught a ride to lollapalooza 93 in Charles Town West Virginia. I remember walking up while Rage Against the Machine was mid-show, and I had my first beer and saw someone do nitrous from a balloon, it was like the best amusement park ever for 14 year old me! Good times.

      • lizzyacker

        That sounds amazing.

    • lizzyacker


  • Muffy St. Jaques

    I often think in terms of movies…. Groundhog Day, Jurassic Park, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Philadelphia, Schindler’s List, Sleepless In Seattle, Mrs. Doubtfire… just a few favorites from 1993


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