So you woke up this morning like you do every Tuesday with the thought: “Well, at least it isn’t Monday!” Maybe you checked in with Instagram and felt jealous of your friend who’s in Ibiza or Cambodia or somewhere you’ve never been. Then, perhaps your friend texted you a super serious missive: “NSYNC IS REUNITING!” You guarded your heart because getting pumped about rumors like this can ruin your entire week, but there is the news all over the internet. It’s true! You allowed yourself to lose your mind:


colbert cry

beyonce god is real

golden girls

stewie family guy

Is it Christmas already? What is happening?!

nsync christmas

It’s almost as good as a Spice Girls reunion!

nsync spice girls

When all that wishing for Justin Timberlake to fail didn’t work out,

justin timberlake

…you started to regretfully believe that you would die before a reunion would ever happen.

titanic old lady

It was tearin’ up your heart so bad. It felt like Justin Timberlake, who is often thought of as the hold-out, was bathing in the tears waterfalling out of our eyes.

justin timberlake cry

Perhaps you were institutionalized for a little while.

nsync cry

But that’s behind you now! This is really happening! Will JT bring back his Ramen noodle hairdo?

justin timberlake ramen

Will Topanga a.k.a. Lance Bass’ former beard be there?

lance bass topanga

If we pray hard enough, will it be enough to manifest a special guest appearance by Britney Lynn Spears??

britney spears

The possibilities are endless! But one thing is for sure: we will all be partying like it’s 1999!

fresh prince dance

See y’all there when MTV’s Video Music Awards happen this Sunday, August 25th at 9pm! I’ll be the one in the front.

fan cry

Nsync Reunion! A Historical Moment Expressed through Gifs 30 April,2015Emmanuel Hapsis

  • Crissy Lynn

    hahaha this is just brilliant!

  • Diana M

    That MFA in creative writing served you well, sir. This was hilarious.

    -“was bathing in the tears waterfalling out of our eyes.”+the gif.
    That was… that was just too much. I can’t stop laughing.

    -And I was with that same Prayer Circle! jaja
    -Hell yeah, like it’s 1999!

    -This goes into my Bookmarks… forever. ;D


Emmanuel Hapsis

Emmanuel Hapsis is the creator and editor of KQED Pop and also the host of The Cooler. He studied creative writing at University of Maryland and went on to receive his MFA in the field from California College of the Arts. In his free time, he sings his heart out at karaoke.

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