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The Bay Area has had a bit of a rough couple weeks. Whether it’s the fact that Mercury is in retrograde or some other deeper problem with the whole wide world, things haven’t been great for us on the national stage. First there was the tragic crash of Asiana Flight 214 and then there was the really terrible racist joke names that a KTVU anchor read ON AIR in a crazy Ron Burgundy teleprompter moment. Racism is not a good look and last night BOTH The Daily Show AND The Colbert Report took the opportunity to take KTVU to task. Oh Bay Area’s #1 TV News Station…sometimes you have to learn things the hard way.

Check out the videos below:

KTVU Skewered on Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report Last Night 17 October,2013Lizzy Acker

  • k6mfw

    Looking in retrospect, NTSB blaming an intern is irresponsible. They should have not put someone like that in such a position. Analogy is like blaming a pilot for crashing an airplane when he was not adequately trained in the first place.


Lizzy Acker

Lizzy Acker’s work has been published in Nano Fiction, Fanzine, Joyland, Eleven Eleven and elsewhere. She has read with Bang Out, RADAR, Quiet Lightening and others. Her first book, Monster Party, was released in December of 2010 by Small Desk Press.

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