A year ago tomorrow, PBS Digital Studios released “Garden of Your Mind,” the Mister Rogers remix made by Melody Sheep that caused everyone everywhere to cry nostalgic tears for a week or more. The Mister Rogers remix spawned other remixes of shows millennials and their parents (us, guys, that’s us) felt nostalgic for. You’ve got the Reading Rainbow remix, the Julia Child remix and the Bob Ross remix. Today PBS Digital Studios released a new Mr. Rogers remix called “Sing Together.” I’m going to be honest, after three listens I don’t love it with the same obsessive feeling I had for the first remix. But there is something reassuring and calming about Mister Rogers’ voice that does make it perfect for a Melody Sheep remix, so while I would be excited if PBS Digital Studios tried something completely new, I also won’t complain if they decide to make a million more Mr. Rogers remixes. What do you think?

And for those of you that can’t get enough of these remixes, here they are, in one playlist all in a row, for you to listen to all day long:

Here’s a New Mister Rogers Remix for You to Listen to On Repeat! 6 June,2013Lizzy Acker


Lizzy Acker

Lizzy Acker’s work has been published in Nano Fiction, Fanzine, Joyland, Eleven Eleven and elsewhere. She has read with Bang Out, RADAR, Quiet Lightening and others. Her first book, Monster Party, was released in December of 2010 by Small Desk Press.

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