Chris Meloni as Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: SVU

It seems to me that just about everyone has a little crush on Christopher Meloni. Maybe it’s his unique body of work that sets him apart. Or maybe it’s his intense, searing stare. Sure, he might not have strong name recognition like our old standbys George Clooney and Brad Pitt, but that’s not stopping boys and girls everywhere from loving Meloni. I’ve done some field research on the subject including but not limited to performing my own Law and Order: SVU marathon(s) and having several lengthy conversations with friends on the subject. More than one of us has stayed home on a weekend night just to watch SVU, due in no small part to needing a heavy dose of lead Detective Elliot Stabler, played by the charming Christopher Meloni. But his years cleaning up the mean streets of NYC alongside Mariska Hargitay–sadly, now over–are not the only reason we keep coming back for more. If you can’t handle the wait until his next movie, Man of Steel, comes out (June 14), here is a collection of some of Chris’ most dynamic and compelling roles to help fill the gap in your heart.

 1. Chris Keller: Oz

As Chris Keller in Oz, Meloni isn’t afraid to tackle serious subjects. Brooding, maniacal yet somehow enchanting, Chris Keller is a role Meloni really sinks his teeth into. Keller explores his sexuality and self-loathing in equal measure and Meloni’s performance throughout the HBO series is mesmerizing. He beautifully and effortlessly depicts Keller’s complex torment. The kid’s got chops.

2. Sven: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas & 3. Gene: Wet Hot American Summer

It’s not always the leading men that steal the scene. In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Meloni plays long-haired sass-pot Sven, the Flamingo Hotel desk clerk though his role is uncredited.  While in Wet Hot American Summer, he plays Gene, camp cook and strange habit having Vietnam vet. I had the privilege of seeing this performance happen live at last year’s SF Sketchfest and I can personally attest to Meloni’s brilliant comic timing. Gene the cook and his oddball one-liners have helped Wet Hot American Summer secure its forever place in cult movie heaven.

4. Johnny Gunn; 1st & Ten: The Championship

In 1984, years before hitting the cell-block in Oz, Chris Meloni starred alongside OJ Simpson as Johnny Gunn in 1st & Ten: The Championship, a sports comedy about a fictional California football team. Here, while wearing a gold chain and sans shirt, he defends the honor of the King, Elvis Presley. It’s this kind of shirtless acting that really allows us to follow in love with Chris and all of his skills. What range!

5. Guy in a McDonald’s Ad

Like most actors, Christopher Meloni has had to pay his dues. That means acting in commercials during the early stages of his career. Luckily for us (and for him) he found a way to make the most odd McDonald’s campaign in the ’80s endearing. Listen as he explains all the reasons why this woman shouldn’t date him just to get her to practically beg for a date. Oh that Chris, always get them eating out of his hand.

6. As Himself

An successful actor must also learn to navigate the media. Press junkets and the like can be tedious but Christopher Meloni always seems to be a good sport. Even when interviewed/attempted seduced by known frog-lover Miss Piggy, Meloni keeps his cool. I also like to imagine that his cell phone really does have a Law and Order style “dun-dun” as it’s custom ring tone. That notion helps me sleep at night.

It’s this kind of light-hearted approach to ordinary life that makes Meloni so magnetic. He’s the man we want to be or want to be with, on some level. He’s strong, he’s handsome, he’s not afraid to kiss a man on screen. He’s the best, and we love him. What’s your favorite Meloni moment?

6 Reasons to Love Chris Meloni 13 May,2013Natalie Grace Sweet

  • zitiqueen2

    You forgot the most important reason of all… his ass.

  • Craig Penoke

    who? love SVU though! great show

  • I do not like Meloni. Never liked him on SVU. Eliot Stabler was arrogant. And could not interrogate the suspects. He assaulted. I was happy with its output. His last pictures show that he is old and bald. In contrast Dani Pino, is beautiful and talented. I love him in SVU.

    • Belinda Farrelly

      well i completely disagree i think he did a brilliant job at portraying all his roles especially Keller and Stabler and incase you haven’t noticed he’s only the actor he does what’s in the script so if you think hes an asshole complain about Dick Wolf not Chris he was only doing his job and for the record i think Danny Pino is a complete prick and so what people do get older but that doesn’t change peoples opinion on him

    • julie

      i totally agree. stabler was a dick.

  • Minette Fuglsang

    When he calls me . We’re friends , so a ” how are ya gorgeous ” gets me smiling every time . And btw he never looked better !!!

    • Kimberly Allred

      She’s full of shit she’s not friends with him. She drives him up the wall she lives in a fantasy world and has herself convinced he’s in love with her when any True Chris Meloni fans know he loves his wife. Get over it he doesn’t love you the way you want to believe in your head he dose.

      • Minette Fuglsang

        Wow …. Lol ! You just can’t stop stalking can you ?? I could really give you a reply ! But you are so beneath me ! Can Chris have friends for you ? Is it permitted ? I don’t think I say he doesn’t love his wife ! I don’t interfere and I’m NOT a fan !
        Will you kindly leave me alone and req me everywhere ? Thank you

        • Minette Fuglsang

          I kinda thought this was for ppl into writing too and not stalkers . I really don’t like being harassed for posting a short , and btw true , comment , about A friend . I hope the admins will deal with miss Allred . Someone so obsessed she scared mr Meloni half to death getting both his cell and home phone number online . What is such a person doing in a serious forum ?

          • Mark Antony

            Wooow ladies ladies let’s take a chill pill here for a minute. We’re all here to appreciate Chris Meloni not to fucking jump each other. Minette, if you get calls from Chris that must mean you know him right? So, if you know him why the fuck are trowling through the internet looking him up? Kinda sounds like you’re an obsessed fan to me.

          • Kimberly Allred

            She’s obsessed with any man that giver even 2 seconds of attention she thinks they want her.
            Poor Chris didn’t know and now her crazy stupid ass won’t leave him alone even though he’s told her to leave him alone.
            I feel bad for him having to deal with her synodic ass.

          • Mark Antony

            Well, maybe that’s cause she lacks the attention she needs and needs a male to fall over her when they don’t she just makes it up and gets dellusional about it? Do you mean psychotic rather than synodic?

          • Minette Fuglsang

            Omg ! I don’t lack attention !! She won’t even show her true name Kimberly Allred who cries on his wedding day ! Telling me its true love and I should back out ! Chris can’t stand u ! That’s why he didn’t hang w u in NY !! He’s my best friend and I DIDN’T , like u , need to find his address online or his phone number !! I posted a sweet comment that my best Meloni moment is when he calls me bc I just hung up ! I thought this was a serious forum for columnists as I am educated in literature and media . And then a became an actress .

          • Minette Fuglsang

            It’s so pathetic bc from your post I can already see how little u know and that’s why we’re best friends ! Bc I can shut up ! Who CARES what ppl think ! The man helped me through my mothers cancer and surgeries and were there ALWAYS ! So NO I don’t look at his ass or body ! I look at what an amazing friend he is !!!

          • Minette Fuglsang

            This forum is NOT for me . How do I leave it ? I tried ?

          • Kimberly Allred

            Believe what you want. I know the truth.

  • Kimberly Allred

    I love Chris Meloni. He so sexy, charming, gorgeouse smile those persing blue eyes. He’s talented , funny and a down to earth awesome guy. He’s very fan friendly. There’s not a man on this planet who will ever be sexier then Chris Meloni not in 10 trillion years. He’s got the hottest sexiest body and the most adorable cutest ass a man can have.

  • Aneda Vil


    I like him because of his FANTASTIC job in OZ. I love his character Chris Keller, he’s hot, a fucking liar, good kisser and SEXY. I have watched the love story between keller and Tobias and it’s totally great!! I’m wondering why none of the two actors recieved an Emmy nomination!!! Two macho men fallig in love in a prision = the best show ever!!!!!!

    The old series are always the best ones… we need more real powerful problematic love stories on TV!!!!

  • guest

    shits goin down. . .


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