St. Patrick’s Day seems to bring out the belligerence in people. There’s the public intoxication of course and there are the random drive-by shootings you witness while waiting for brunch and then there’s the bizarre concert-turned-hate-rally. Last night, Michelle Shocked, a folk singer once known for her progressive politics, played Yoshi’s and used the stage to declare that gay marriage will bring destruction and that god hates gays (she used a different word). The audience walked out and Yoshi’s shut the event down and tweeted “WE AT YOSHI’S SF DO NOT & WILL NOT EVER TOLERATE THE TYPE OF BIGOTRY & HATRED EXHIBITED LAST NIGHT BY @MShocked SHE WILL NEVER BE BACK.” So you won’t be able to find Michelle in this neck of the woods in the near future, but you can probably catch her on Celebrity Rehab soon enough. For more in-depth coverage, KQED’s Newsfix has you covered!

Michelle Shocked Wants You To Know Gays Are The Worst 18 March,2013Emmanuel Hapsis

  • Melinda

    God hates her stylist, who is clearly not gay.


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