This week the KQED Pop team has gone on a deep exploration of those magical years between 13 and 20 which sear us into the people we become. Want to get all in touch with the angst, the haircuts and the passion? Here’s how:

1. Remember your boy band crush. Lizzy Acker tries to identify what it really takes to make a boy band.

2. Listen to music like a 19-year-old. David Aloi finds songs he would have loved at 19.

3. Brush up on the history of girl culture. Serena Cole explores the history of what it means to be a girl.

4. Reread your old lettersLaura Schadler finds the connection between the stuff she loved at 14 and who she is now.

5. Ask a teenager what the whole thing is like now. Carrie Leilam Love goes on the ground and asks a real live teenager what is happening now.

6. Start calling yourself a Dirty Girl. Lizzy Acker finds the best video on the internet to help you relive the pain of high school in the ’90s.


6 Ways to Get in Touch with Your Magical Teenage Self 15 March,2013KQED Pop

  • larry

    How bout posting things that are actually in line with your “mission statement” as it relates to TEENS, rather than trying to turn KQED online into US magazine. You seem off the rails and I am a long standing member – with a teenager. She doesn’t get it either.

    • RamBob

      I agree, I so wish in trying to reach a younger audience KQED would also remember its website should be smart not to mention, well written.

  • Ginny

    Where’s the beef?



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