Tyson and Krasny
Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Forum host Michael Krasny.

Sometimes on Forum we book a guest because they’re a big name and we think our listeners will really want to ask them questions. Or we’ll take a chance on a guest that we think will have interesting stories to tell. Usually that goes well…  occasionally it doesn’t. But sometimes, like today’s show with Mike Tyson, we make, as one listener put it, “radio gold.”

Tyson is in town to perform his one-man show “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.” His interview with Michael Krasny got off to a hilarious start when he called Michael “the Kraz” and “the Krazinator.” Their conversation went on to cover everything from Tyson’s stories about being bullied as a kid, to his conversion to Islam to his bi-polar disorder.  Oh, and pigeons. And finding his ex-wife in bed with Brad Pitt. The full interview runs about 28 minutes — perfect for listening to during a Muni-ride or while you make dinner (being a producer for Forum, I admit, I am more than a bit biased).

But if your short on time, we’ve pulled some highlights below.


Amanda Stupi

Amanda Stupi is an interactive producer for KQED News. She grew up in Northern California, where her mother would woo her inside on warm summer nights with promises of The Monkees and CHIPS. Stupi is fascinated with the intersection between popular culture and the fine arts. Her idea of artistic perfection includes The Beastie Boys' Check Your Head, Joni Mitchell's Blue, Bull Durham, several episodes of Cheers, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and most of Wallace Stevens' poetry. Stupi's life goals include watching every episode of Law and Order, finishing a screenplay and thanking her mom in an Oscar acceptance speech.

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