coraDear Gentle Reader: SPOILER ALERT. This is a recap of an episode of a television show. I’m going to be giving things away. A lot of things. All the things. You can even call me Ethel if you want to.

We begin on a somber day in Downton. Everyone is still in black. Sybil is dead. Have you come to terms with it yet? Are you still wearing black too?

There’s a serious chill in the air between Lord and Lady Grantham. Lady Grantham appears to be on the verge of total insanity. I guess that’ll happen when you lose two babies in three seasons. But don’t worry Mama, I am sure your little Sybil is going to go on to do some really great movie work!

Down at Isobel’s, it’s clear Ethel knows a thing or two about losing children. Maybe not cooking, but definitely losing kids. And pleasuring a certain type of gentleman. We all have our skill sets.

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Downton Abbey Recap: Ladies Night 19 February,2013Lizzy Acker


Lizzy Acker

Lizzy Acker’s work has been published in Nano Fiction, Fanzine, Joyland, Eleven Eleven and elsewhere. She has read with Bang Out, RADAR, Quiet Lightening and others. Her first book, Monster Party, was released in December of 2010 by Small Desk Press.

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