downtonsybil200So here we are. Halfway through the third season of Downton Abbey. No one believed in us except for us! We’ve had some laughs along the way but now the honeymoon is over and it’s time to get down to the serious business of childbirth. Remember:SPOILER ALERT: I watched the show and I am going to tell you what happened in it. Now, follow me, won’t you? Here we go, into the mystical land of English manners fetishism that we call Downton Abbey

We begin with Downton at night plus a doctor plus condescendingly smiling sisters. This can only equal one thing: baby time! But not yet my friends! Oh no, not yet. (Spoiler inside spoiler: I think that’s what this episode is ALL ABOUT.)

Before we see any sweet cute baby cheeks, let us head downstairs, where old Thomas is flirting with new Jimmy and Daisy is apparently trying to break the new maid’s spirit. I’m with Daisy on this one. She’s too chipper. She is what we call in my family, “cruisin’ for a bruisin'” — emotionally, of course.

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Downton Abbey Recap: Good News For People Who Like Bad News 28 January,2013Lizzy Acker


Lizzy Acker

Lizzy Acker’s work has been published in Nano Fiction, Fanzine, Joyland, Eleven Eleven and elsewhere. She has read with Bang Out, RADAR, Quiet Lightening and others. Her first book, Monster Party, was released in December of 2010 by Small Desk Press.

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