hughes200Welcome back to Downton Abbey Season 3 Recaps! Remember, SPOILER ALERT! Also, please note, this week I accidentally paired Downton Abbey with the documentary The Queen of Versailles. I personally think this worked out well, as I was able to watch the trials and tribulations of the Crawleys with an eye to the Siegals, but it may have made me even extra jaded about the super-rich. Both families are insanely wealthy, living in castles with ungrateful children and dogs, employing hordes of people and on the verge of losing everything. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Will the Crawleys, in a strange twist, move to Florida and start a timeshare business? Only time will tell…on to Episode 2.

This episode starts with the classic early-morning-getting-things-ready montage. Even though on one level I know this means those poor servants were up before dawn punching pillows and starting fires, this is the Downton I love. And what are the eager little helpers setting up for on this particular day? A wedding of course! Two weddings in only two episodes! Did they secretly change the working title to Downton Abbey: Say Yes to the Dress? I don’t care at all because here is Edith! Oh Edith. Everyone is rolling their eyes at her (what a hateful family you have, little Edith!) but I’m excited for her. Her own wedding!

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Downton Abbey Recap: Edith Will Never Be The Queen Of Anything 28 January,2013Lizzy Acker


Lizzy Acker

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