Scott Shafer

Scott Shafer migrated to KQED in 1998 after extended stints in politics and government to host The California  Report. Now he covers those things and more as senior editor for KQED's Politics and Government Desk. When he's not asking questions you'll often find him in a pool playing water polo. Find him on Twitter @scottshafer
A homemade sign that reads "Legalize Sleep."

Special Broadcast: The Politics of Homelessness

Panhandling, tents, people passed out on sidewalks, mental illness — it’s all there on San Francisco streets, in good economic times and bad.  No matter what politicians do or say, the problem doesn’t seem to go away. In this special live broadcast, we’ll explore the political forces that make homelessness such a persistent problem and hear about … Continue reading Special Broadcast: The Politics of Homelessness →