Matthew Green

Matthew Green produces and edits The Lowdown, KQED’s multimedia news education blog, an online resource for educators and the general public. He previously taught journalism at Fremont High School in East Oakland, and has written for numerous local publications, including the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle. Email:; Twitter: @KQEDlowdown

What is May Day, Anyway?

So … what is May Day anyway? For some, it means prancing awkwardly around a feather-wreathed pole. But that ancient Druid rite of Spring that school kids for some reason still rehearse is probably not what today’s Occupy protesters have in mind. In countries throughout the world, May Day is actually the official labor holiday, … Continue reading What is May Day, Anyway? →

Ranked-Choice Voting Explained (One More Time)

San Francisco voters will elect a mayor using ranked-choice voting for the first time today. As KQED’s Matthew Green writes below, while the system has its avid supporters, “a variety of opponents have cried foul, calling the system too complex and undemocratic.” Officials have gone the extra mile in trying to simplify their explanations of … Continue reading Ranked-Choice Voting Explained (One More Time) →

Ranked-Choice Voting Explained

In November San Franciscans choose their next mayor through an electoral process called ranked-choice voting (RCV). Also known as “instant run-off voting,” voters will pick three candidates (instead of one), and rank them in order of preference, eliminating the need for a separate runoff election. Although this is not the first time San Francisco has … Continue reading Ranked-Choice Voting Explained →