Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson is the creator and host of Truth Be Told, a special series on race from KQED and PRI. Prior to creating the show, he served as the station's morning news anchor for five-and-half years. Prior to joining KQED, Joshua spent six years as an anchor/reporter for WLRN Miami Herald News. He's a native of South Florida, with degrees from the University of Miami. His reporting and newscasting have won awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association and from the National Association of Black Journalists. Joshua is also active in his union, SAG-AFTRA. He lives in San Francisco.
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Race On Campus

They call education “the great equalizer”. For a nation like the USA that’s always struggled with equality, that is an awesome thing. But many students, of all races, find when they get to college that racial conflicts can force some low moments into their higher learning. This hour focuses on unpacking your personal stories of college encounters, to see … Continue reading Race On Campus →

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Race In The Workplace

If you encountered outright racism in your workplace, then you would probably speak up and take action. That’s obvious. What’s not obvious is how to handle the many other encounters that are racially charged in subtle ways. The ones that make things awkward, embarrassing or just ugly. In this hour we’ll explore your personal stories of encounters with race at work, … Continue reading Race In The Workplace →

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Race And Dating

They say that love is blind. What does it take to make love colorblind? Dating and marriage can be tough enough without bringing race into the equation. In this hour, we’ll hear from people who confronted their racial stereotypes, explored matchmaking through traditional cultures in modern times, and learned to celebrate their love: whether others understood it or not.